ST40 - Striated Insulated Metal Panels


Our Striated wall panels offer an extremely
economical exterior or interior solution where
a flat, clean appearance is desired. The nominal
embossed striations add rigidity and ensure an
acceptable flatness tolerance.


DM40 - Mesa Wall Panels


Our Mesa profile panel is the perfect economical
choice for exterior / interior wall and ceiling
applications on industrial and cold storage


HE40 - Heavy Embossed Panels


The distinctive pattern of our Heavy Embossed profile
makes this panel ideal for exterior walls of industrial or
commercial facilities where a non-profiled appearance is
desired at an affordable price.


FL40 Flat Wall Panels


Our flat wall panels are produced with a standard
embossed face and offer a perfect solution for
designers seeking a high-end architectural look
with all the thermal benefits that insulated metal
panels offer. Can be installed horizontally or vertically.



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